About me:

Speak what needs to be spoken, shake what needs to be shook, rock the boat, and do it with style. – Leah

Please note, all artwork and photographs appearing on this site are my originals and may not be copied or used without my express written permission.  You may contact me via personalprose@gmail.com

photo me 3

Bio: Leah is a multi-disciplinary artist who you may find performing on stage, in bookstores, at cafes, in boxing rings, in story and dance circles, on the street, and at kitchen tables in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Jamaica.

She is a graduate of the anitafrika! dub theatre residency program and Algonquin College (Journalism Print).

Her play, iridescence, debuted at the Word, Sound, Powah! Festival and in its second incarnation at the Audre Lorde Festival, it was subsequently published in the anthology “s is for storytelling” in 2009. That same year she also performed excerpts from iridescence in Sketchin’ Toronto, under the direction of d’bi young at SummerWorks. 

Leah performed at the 17th and 18th Ottawa Storytelling Festivals and shared personal stories woven with original poetry at the Toronto Storytelling festival in 2013, as well as at the festival’s Storytelling at the Gladstone, 2019. She has created and taught workshops on storytelling, public speaking, and poetry for students and adults including at: Branksome Hall; LEAP into Literacy summer camp and the Bi Arts Festival.

She is the co-founder and co-creator of Flowetic Wednesdays Toronto and the WordSpell spoken word series and has participated in poetry competitions including, Capital Slam, the Toronto Poetry Slam,  Last Poet Standing and SLAMtario.

Her artwork and/or photographs have been shown at ARTiculations (Curio Shadowbox Show 2016, & the Sketchbook Challenge 2016, 2017. 2018, 2019); Heartwood House (One-Woman show, Honouring the Sacred Feminine in Response to FGM); Caribbean Flavours (Images of Cuba); Da Chicken Crib (wall mural) and Mother Tongue Books, Femmes des Paroles (Midwifery week celebration).

Born in Toronto, Leah spent 18 years in Ottawa, raising a family and avoiding frostbite, before returning to her hometown for over a decade. Recently, she moved to Vancouver, where between rainfalls, she searches the waterfront for clues, cues and stories. At night, when the city is quiet, she excavates the layers of her experience, searching for the love that is at the centre of it all.


heart on door oakwood library cropped
Heart-shaped door handle, Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre, Toronto

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