Singing in the rain

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea. – Isak Dinesen

There’s something about water that is inherently creative and healing. I find when I’m not creating, one of the fastest ways for me to reconnect with my inner muse is to have a long soak. Epsom salts are a must, so is candle light, and it’s extra nice when I add lavender and olive oil to the tub.
There have been other instances when water was the source of my inspiration. I remember after a particularly scary hail storm, I was traveling and wrote a really amazing story. Funny, it was about a child in the womb. Water, so inspiring, so fundamental.
There are so many ways to enjoy water. Because it’s winter, I’m thinking about skating. How about going to an ice rink, like Harbourfront where the live DJ blasts the tunes while you glide to the beat? Or check out a wave pool, there’s a huge one in Richmond Hill. I was recently at the Regent’s Park Aquatic Centre for a lane swim (and it was free). There is nothing like a swim or a soak in a hot whirlpool to ease muscle pain and relieve stress.
If you are near a lake, river, or the ocean, simply walking or biking along the shore is a lovely way to spend time with nature and get inspired. During the winter, you can find a restaurant with a view of the water, then sit back and enjoy. In the summer, outdoor patios near the beach, boat cruises, splash pads and water parks are all great ways to have fun. In “the six” you can take a ferry ride across the lake to one of the islands. If you check out Centreville there is the memorable log-ride (you will get splashed!) and paddle boats once you arrive. For more adult adventure, try stand-up paddle board, kayaking or canoeing. If you are lucky enough to live or visit somewhere you can snorkel or scuba dive, that can take you even deeper into the wonder-filled underwater world. If not, take a trip to your local aquarium and immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of the creatures you encounter.

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul – Kate Chopin

Looking for something more relaxing? How about floatation therapy? That’s you in a tank full of Epsom salts, in body temperature water with no other distractions. There is even evidence that floating increases your access to your own creativity. For something a bit more shocking that’s also meant to enhance your immune system, try a spa that offers hot and cold water plunges. If you haven’t tried it, or can’t afford it, you can do a mini-version in the shower by alternating the hot water with cold, naturopaths call it a “contrast shower”. But just so I’m clear, it’s way more fun at the spa!
The best cure-all I’ve found for the “blahs” is a leisurely walk in the rain. It’s most comfortable in a gentle rain on a warm day. You’ll probably find the residential streets will be nearly deserted, and anyone you do pass by, is more likely to smile. After a while, you may even find yourself singing. I know, “Singing in the Rain” is a corny song title, but they wrote the song for a reason.

It is better to dance in the rain than to sit under a leaking roof. – Vikrant Parsai

Whether you drink it, swim in it, float in it or just look at it, whenever you find inspiration in water this week, please share it in the comments. Have a creative, water and inspiration filled week!

I knit my love blue, the indefinable blue of the line that ties the sky to the sea – Leah