Why storytelling (and life) is like juggling

The only place to start, is at the beginning
You will drop the ball (club, ring, hacky sack etc.)
If you pick up the ball, you can keep going
Telling yourself you are bad/incompetent/stupid/a slow learner (insert your “favourite” insult here) etc. is not helpful
Practice, practice, practice
People will help you, if you ask
People will help you, even if you don’t ask
People will tell you that some things are impossible (ignore them)
People will tell you that you can do it (ignore them too, because of course you are already telling yourself that you can do it!)
You can do it
You won’t be perfect
Perfect is over rated
Sometimes you will be afraid
Sometimes you will have courage
Sometimes you will doubt yourself
Keep going
Blaming anyone (including yourself) is not helpful
Trying is more helpful than not trying
Sometimes you will feel like giving up
Rest is good
So is movement
Holding your breath is not helpful
Your willingness to practice is directly correlated to the audiences’ willingness to watch you
Unless they love you, in which case they will watch you do just about anything
When it works, it’s the best feeling in the world
If you are the only one keeping track of how many times you drop the ball, stop counting
If anyone else is giving you a running tally of how many times you dropped the ball, get out of ear-shot
No amount of practice, education, physical prowess, wisdom or money will protect you from the possibility of dropping the ball
Practice anyway
When you succeed
It’s not dropping the ball that matters
It’s your willingness to pick it back up

Juggling props and hand print





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